Pacific Estate Oysters

The original oyster breeding base in York Peninsula, Australia

The original oyster culture base in York Peninsula, Australia is located in the southeast of York Peninsula and faces the vast bay of St. Vincent. Its unique geographical position and original ecology, pollution-free marine environment and many years of industrial experience determine the entire breeding base in South Australia and Australia. The oyster breeding and reproduction industry plays a very important role.

Now the head of the breeding base, farmer Steve Bowley (Bao Ligao) plans to expand the scale, hoping to have the ability and enthusiasm of local or overseas investors to participate in this new plan.

Mr. Bowley invites you to visit the field and experience the activities of the sea farm. Activities include:

  • Visit sea nursery and culture area
  • Enjoying the natural scenery of the sea (including close-range viewing/contact with dolphins, seals, and other marine life.)
  • Enjoy delicious and unpolluted oysters and other seafood
  • Experience Australian-style farm management and buy fresh oysters as you like